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MyGenealogist.com |  |  ---      * Home   * About Us   * Research Fees   * Testimonials   * FAQs   * Australian Genealogy   * Austrian Genealogy   * Belgian Genealogy   * Canadian Genealogy   * Danish Genealogy   * Dutch Genealogy   * French Genealogy   * German Genealogy   * Irish Genealogy   * Italian Genealogy   * Mexican Genealogy   * New Zealand Genealogy   * Norwegian Genealogy   * Polish Genealogy   * Portuguese Genealogy   * Spanish Genealogy   * Swedish Genealogy   * Swiss Genealogy   * UK Genealogy   * USA Genealogy |  |  Call us toll free at 1-800-416-3497 to get started on your project  |  ---|---    ##  Learn about your Family HistoryCurious about your genealogy? Want to discover the secrets of your past? Stepback in time and find out who your ancestors were. We're here to help! Ourprofessional genealogists love what they do and are ready to help you uncoveryour unique history and heritage.CONTACT US  ## Family History Research by Professional GenealogistsAncestry research conducted by highly skilled and expert genealogists can youtell you a lot about your heritage. Wouldn't you like to step back in time andtrace your ancestors with the help and expertise of a professionalgenealogist? With the skilled assistance of an expert genealogist, you cantrace your family tree in the billions of genealogical records which areavailable worldwide. Contact us today and we'll help you create an ancestrysearch that is custom-made for you and your family.    Because of the time and expense involved in doing your own family historyresearch, it is often a great idea to enlist the services of a professionalgenealogist who can undertake this labor-intensive and challenging work onyour behalf. The research team at **MyGenealogist.com** would like to help yousolve the mystery of your origins, and hiring the services of our expertgenealogists will be a great resource for you as you embark on the excitingand wonderful journey of discovering your ancestors.    Our research team would like to be your partner in this exciting journey ofdiscovery. We know where to go to get the records you're looking for, we havepeople on the ground in the places of interest to you, we get fantasticresults for our clients, and we love what we do! Hire a professionalgenealogist today. We''re ready to help you uncover the secrets of yourfamily's past!* * *> Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually achild. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the lifeof our ancestors by the records of history - Cicero (106-43 B.C.## About Our Professional Research TeamWe genuinely love family research and enjoy helping people reconnect withtheir roots and family history. Our professional genealogists have spent manyyears scrolling through microfilms in local and international libraries,perusing dusty old books in county courthouses and state archives, walkingthrough old family cemeteries in Europe, and much more. When you hire thegenealogy research services of **MyGenealogist.com** , you can be assured thatyou are getting a level of service, professionalism, and research experiencethat is second to none.    The records collection of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City is byfar the single most important resource for genealogists since it consists ofliterally billions of genealogy records from all parts of the globe, making itthe largest and most important collection of genealogical informationavailable in the world. Included in the Family History Library's collectionsare literally billions of genealogical records from all parts of the worldwhich can be a great help to your ancestry search. We employ a large number ofgenealogists who work daily at the Family History Library, but our network ofgenealogists can also often be found working at the archives listed below:  * The British Library - London, UK  * Family History Library - Salt Lake City, USA  * Library and Archives Canada - Ottawa, Canada  * Library of Congress - Washington, D.C.  * National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) - Washington, D.C.  * National Archives of the UK - Kew, UK  * National Library of Ireland - Dublin, Ireland  * New York Public Library - New York City, USA  Members of the **MyGenealogist.com** research team live in many differentlocations and have access to many types of important records which areavailable worldwide. Whether your research takes you to the UK, Germany,Spain, or elsewhere, we have expert genealogists on call who are ready toassist you with research in more than 20 different countries including:    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,  France, Germany,  Ireland,Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain,Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA    Our network of researchers for the East Coast of the United Sates is extensiveand members of our team are available to visit places like the New York PublicLibrary, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Library of Congress, andother major archives and libraries on your behalf. For records relating toimmigrant ancestors who may have landed at Ellis Island, New York, pleaseclick here to find more information on ships' passenger lists, naturalizationpetitions, and other records that would be helpful to your search. You canalso follow the links below to find many other helpful resources available forthe U.S. states where your ancestors lived in the past:    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut DelawareFlorida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky LouisianaMaine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri MontanaNebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North CarolinaNorth Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon ´╗┐Pennsylvania´╗┐ Rhode Island South CarolinaSouth Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West VirginiaWisconsin Wyoming  * * *## Did you know that millions of genealogy records are not available on theinternet?Many people are unaware that many important records which are crucial to theirfamily tree search cannot be found online. Many important records are onlyavailable to researchers who physically visit repositories at the local levelin various U.S. states, at the federal level in Washington, D.C., or at theFamily History Library in Utah. Our genealogy researchers have access to allof these records and are ready to assist you with your genealogy searchworldwide. So, if you have limited your past family tree research toexhaustive internet searches at Ancestry.com, Rootsweb, and other onlinedatabases and web sites, you may have reached a brick wall because you'remissing out on the literal gold mine of records available to our genealogistson microfilm, in books, and in other published works at these importantlocations.    Many genealogical records related to your ancestry search, important recordslike family wills, court records, obituaries, death certificates, militaryrecords, and land deeds are generally not available online and can only beobtained by mailing research requests to places like local public libraries orcemeteries, or by visiting the Family History Library in Utah. These recordsare critical to any comprehensive ancestry search and should not be overlookedif high-quality and thorough research results are to be achieved during yourproject. For these and other reasons, it's sometimes a great idea to hire aprofessional genealogist to assist you with your genealogy search.* * *## Hire a Professional GenealogistBecause of the time and expense involved in doing your own research, it isoften a great help to enlist the services of a professional genealogist whocan undertake this hard work on your behalf, saving you hundreds of hours oftime and money in the process. We know where to go to get the records you'relooking for, we have people on the ground in the places of interest to you, weget fantastic results for our clients, and we love what we do! Hire agenealogist today and let us help you uncover the secrets of your family'spast by allowing us to create an ancestry search that is custom made for youand your family.  * * *## Client TestimonialsClick here to read what our clients are saying about our genealogists and ourunique family tree research services. When you hire the professional servicesof our company, you will be enlisting the expertise of trained genealogistswho have solved hundreds of cases just like yours! We get outstanding resultsfor our clients and we're proud of the great and exciting work we do on theirbehalf. Speak to us today about your family history project and embark on oneof the most exciting quests of your life as you unlock the secrets to yourfamily's unique past and history!## Samples of our WorkWould you like to see some samples of our high quality work? Please click onthe links to the right to see some of the typical family trees and reportswe've created for our clients. All projects will be delivered to you in a 3ring binder which will include a project CD of scanned documents found duringyour family tree search. Included in your research package will be familygroup sheets, register reports, maps, and copies of original records.|  * 6 Generation Pedigrees  * Family Group Sheets  * Register Reports  * Project Reports  * Websites      ---|---    ## Genealogy Research ConsultationAre you ready to speak to a professional genealogist about your family historyproject? Whether you are looking for hard to find family records, livingrelatives, or would like to put together a family tree that your family willcherish for many generations to come, **MyGenealogist.com** is ready to assistyou with all of your genealogy research needs!    Speak to a genealogist today to learn how we can be of help to you in yourgenealogy quest. We'll answer your questions before you begin your ancestryresearch project. To learn more about our projects and pricing please clickhere. If you are ready to begin this exciting research, please provide us withsome information as listed in the box below to help us get started on yourcase. Please send the information above to helpdesk@mygenealogist.com.  * Current genealogy research goals (i.e. trace ancestors, find family, etc.)  * Full name of ancestor  * Date of birth of ancestor  * Birthplace of ancestor  * Marriage date of ancestor  * Marriage place of ancestor  * Spouse's name (If more than one please give details)  * Ancestor's siblings' names  * Ancestor's children's names  * Additional details about ancestor(s) which might be helpful  * Type of ancestry research you have conducted in the past  * Phone number where you can reached|    ---|---    If you'd like to speak to a professional genealogist today about your ancestryresearch, please feel free contact us at **1-800-416-3497**.    We are looking forward to helping you trace your genealogy and family history.Thanks so much for visiting **MyGenealogist.com**! Please remember to visitour testimonials page to hear firsthand what our many satisfied clients aresaying about our highly acclaimed research services. Our genealogists arelooking forward to helping you trace your family tree. Thanks for visiting**MyGenealogist.com**!  ##  OUR COMPANY  Home  About Us  Testimonials  FAQS|## SERVICES  Research Fees    |## CONTACT  MyGenealogist.com  299 S. Main St., Suite 1300  Salt Lake City, UT 84111  Telephone 800-416-3497  Email helpdesk@mygenealogist.com    |    ---|---|---|---    (C)2014 MyGenealogist.com All rights reserved. No information may be copied orreproduced from this website without the prior consent of the webmaster. Formore information please click here  Web Hosting by iPage